F#%k it I’ll wax myself!

F#%k it I’ll wax myself!

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Can't hold out until we reopen? Here's your answer (don't worry we'd rather be waxing your lip too!) 

Your kit includes:

  • Beauty Pro La Petite 115cc Wax Heater (similar but not the exact same as the wax pot pictured)
  • 2 x 125g Lycon Lycodream Hybrid Hot Wax  
  • 25ml Lycon Pre Waxing Oil (not pictured)
  • 25ml Lycon Soothing After Wax Care (not pictured)
  • Tweezers
  • 10x Alcohol Wipes (not pictured)
  • 3x pairs of Vinyl Gloves (not pictured)
  • Cotton Balls (not pictured)
  • Assorted sizes of disposable wax spatulas (more than pictured)
  • Basic waxing instructions
  • Canvas carry bag 

 DISCLAIMER: Hello Pretty will be not be held accountable for any misshapen brows and burnt bikini lines! Each wax pot comes with an instruction manual on how to heat wax safely and extra instructions from myself on how to doubly make sure you won’t burn yourself! Also please don’t try and shape your brows! Just don’t! This kit is for real-life emergencies like your upper lip and if you’re growing a thicket of hair between your brows that rivals Frida Kahlo. Don’t be tempted to wax the underside or above your brows because it isn’t safe and it won’t turn out pretty. Also if you do attempt your mono just remember how cranky I’ll be if you come back into the salon in a few months with your eyebrows so far apart they look like they’re social distancing!