Facial Waxing

Brows $20

Lip $18

Chin $18

Sides of Face $18

Wax Trio $45

Your choice of any 3.

Full Face Wax $55

     Everything including brow shape.


Leg & Arm Waxing

1/2 leg $35

Up to the knee

3/4 leg $40

Up to half way between the knee and the hip

Full leg $45

Up to the hip

1/2 arm $30

Up to the elbow

Full arm $35

Up to the shoulder


Body Waxing

Underarms $18

Bikini $25

Everything outside the underwear line...

G-string $35

A bit further in...

Extended G-String $45

The same but including the back...

Brazilian Wax $55

Everything gone...

Hollywood Brazilian Wax $60

Everything gone, front & wax!




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